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Quad City Cyclists Raise Funds to Help Children and Families

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Back in September, three Quad City bicyclists set off to raise money for a good cause. The bikers left Itasca, Minnesota, and rode all the way to the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans! On each of the 21 days it took to complete the 1,600-mile journey, a story was shared about a Quad City family and their needs to help break the cycle (as in break the cycle of poverty, domestic violence, etc.), whether it was a down payment on a car, a rent deposit, or money for school tuition. Funds raised through the campaign were split between three Quad City charities — Alternatives for the Older Adult, the Child Abuse Council, and Bethany for Children & Families.

On October 4, at an event at Schwiebert Riverfront Park in Rock Island, Illinois, Jim Millman, Tom Rowe, and Tom Thoms revealed how much money they were able to raise, a total of $102,184. However, donations kept pouring in even after the fundraiser ended. The bikers raised a total of $119,372.15! That is $65.33 per mile, $823 per hour in the seat, or $14,921 per flat tire!


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