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Phoenix Graduation in January 2018

In January 2018, Markus graduated from the Bethany-Black Hawk Phoenix Day Treatment Program in Carbon Cliff, Illinois.

The Phoenix Program assists students between the ages of 11 and 22 who have demonstrated severe behavioral and emotional problems and who have been unsuccessful in their home school districts. The program offers special education services, case management services, and interventions to area youth.

Neal Shipley, a case worker for Bethany, said he’s proud of how far Markus has come. “When Markus began here,” Neal said, “he was very behind academically, had a history of missing numerous days of school, basically admitted he was riding his time until he could drop out when he turned 17, but fortunately, he didn’t give up and decided to give us and himself a chance.”

Markus’ story is truly inspiring! No matter how many obstacles were thrown in his way, he didn’t give up!

“No one can put you down. You’re the only one who can,” said Markus. “You have the choice of getting back up or staying down.”

Please join Bethany in congratulating Markus on his graduation!


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