Prevention Education

Bethany for Children & Families offers a wide array of educational services to the youth, parents, and community, in effort to reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy, STDs, and other risky behaviors. These services are designed to help youth develop positive self-esteem, strengthen communication skills, and cultivate responsible decision-making skills. Programs are offered in schools, faith-based, and community organizations. The length of the programs may vary from a one-time presentation to several sessions or as a year-long program. 

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Community Education

Specific topics for the community education program can cover: Sexting and Media Literacy, Human Growth and Development, Anxiety and Stress Management, Alcohol Abuse Preventions, Consent, Healthy Relationships, Dating Violence, and Safe Sex and Abstinence. Sessions can range from 45 minutes to two hours and are offered to youth (ages 10 and up) and adults. 

Draw the Line

Is an evidence-based curriculum, provided to 6th and 7th graders. It utilizes interactive instruction, lively discussion, and life experiences to help students deal effectively with peer pressure that can frequently lead to early sexual activity and other risky behaviors.

FLASH (Family Life and sexual health)

A health education curriculum, designed to prevent teen pregnancy, STIs and sexual violence. This program, offered to high school students, supports diverse community values and health discussions. It is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior, which emphasizes positive attitudes, beliefs and norms to build skills in order to reduce rates of pregnancy, STIs and violence.

The Big Talk

The Big Talk is designed to provide parents/grandparents of pre-teens and teens with information on how to communicate effectively about sex with their children and/or grandchildren, and tips are offered on what to say and how to say it. An opportunity is provided to ask questions to the facilitators. Parents and grandparents can also visit The Big Talk for additional information (located under "Let's Talk").

Love notes

A comprehensive relationship education curriculum developed by the Dibble Institute, teaches students how to build healthy romantic relationships, prevent dating violence, and improve impulse control.  Love Notes consists of five to 13 lessons (dependent on funding) and includes skills related to decision making, communication, and sexual safety. It is offered to high school students.

Making Proud Choices

An evidence-based pregnancy prevention curriculum designed for 7th and 8th grade students. It provides the necessary tools to make responsible decisions about early sexual activity and other risky behaviors and impacts student by helping them make proud and safe choices.

3 R's (Rights, Respect, Responsibility) 

The 3 R's Program is a K-12 curriculum that addresses healthy relationships and sexuality in an age-appropriate manner. The program runs between eight and 16 sessions (dependent on funding). 

Wise Guys

Wise Guys consists of ten to 13 evidence-based sessions for junior high students or high school boys. This program is designed to teach them how to become responsible men by raising self-esteem, promoting self-sufficiency, and establishing positive and healthy relationships in effort to reduce the likelihood of unprotected sex.

24/7 Dad

This program discusses various set of behaviors, such as fathering skills, self-care and creating self-awareness that help dads be involved, responsible, and committed to their children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It offers eight ope-hour sessions weekly.