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Phoenix Day Treatment School

The Bethany Black Hawk Phoenix Day Treatment Program (Phoenix Program) is a mental health program that works with emotionally and behaviorally disordered children in 14 school districts in Illinois. In addition to academic education provided by the Black Hawk Area Special Education District, the Phoenix Program provides students an extended day that offers a multitude of services including:

  • Zones of Regulation training;

  • Self-esteem building;

  • Anger and aggression-reduction skills;

  • Positive leisure time activities;

  • Individual, group, and family counseling;

  • Social skills;

  • Problem-solving skills;

  • Communication skills; and 

  • Empathy training. 

This transformative program provides a path for students to improve functioning at home, school, and in the community. Working to return to a student's home school district and focusing on successfully graduating high school are two of the primary goals of the program. Case management and individual treatment planning are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and his/her family. With the use of multitude evidence-based individualized strategies, the Phoenix Program integrates school practices affecting students by systemically addressing mental health symptoms and behaviors. 

A Story of Success from a Client at the phoenix day program

Out-of-control. Stealing from stores. In and out of court. Couldn’t take orders from adults. This is how 23-year old Demetrius of East Moline describes his teenage years.


In junior high, Demetrius was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).  His education and behavioral issues were handed over to the social work team at the Bethany-Black Hawk Phoenix Program in Carbon Cliff, where he attended grades seven through 12.

Demetrius never expected to receive a diploma, but he graduated from both United Township High School and a school at the Phoenix Program. His life was coming full circle; as he accepted a job as a paraprofessional at the Bethany Black Hawk Phoenix School. Now he is supporting other students on their journey to become healthy, contributing members of the community.

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