Intact Family Services

The Intact Family Services program assists parents involved with the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services due to child abuse or neglect. Bethany case managers provide intensive, comprehensive family services to families in Rock Island, Mercer, and Henry counties in Illinois in order to prevent family separation and/or placement of the children into foster care. Intact Family Services works with parents and children to set and meet goals while teaching families to adjust the behaviors that put the children in danger of being placed into foster care.

A Client Family of Intact Family Services

A Story of Success from Clients of 
Intact Family Services

Mark was injured at work and had been on leave for months. Nicci quit nursing school and picked up a second job in order to cover the bills and provide for their daughter, Summer. The household mood was tense. One night, Summer returned home from a neighbor's house and walked in on another loud argument. It didn't end well. Mark pushed Nicci out of the way as he stormed out of the house. Nicci fell onto Summer.

A few days later, Summer's teacher noticed heavy bruising on her arm. After talking with her, the teacher learned what had happened, consulted with her peers, and called a case worker she knew at the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services. The case worker contacted Nicci, who acknowledged that their family was going through a difficult time and could use extra support. DCFS made a referral to the Intact Family Services program at Bethany to provide the necessary services and interventions to enable Summer to remain safely at home.

The Intact Case Manager met with the family in their home on a weekly basis to build rapport, help them identify their strengths and needs, and formulate a plan to address their needs in a collaborative manner. The case manager referred Mark to a Bethany therapist to address his anger issues and connected the couple with professional marital counseling to learn healthy communication and anger management techniques. The worker provided education on positive parenting skills and helped Mark and Nicci understand how their fighting impacted Summer. Summer also participated in counseling to provide her with an outlet for her feelings and to learn ways to cope.

With guidance from their Intact Case Manager, Mark and Nicci were able to create a household environment that prioritized positive activities to strengthen their family bonds. They were successfully discharged from services six months later and reported that they felt empowered and optimistic to meet the needs of their family.