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Behavioral Health intervention services

BHIS are supportive, directive, and teaching interventions provided in a community-based environment designed to improve an individual’s level of functioning as it relates to mental illness. The primary goal is to assist the individual and his or her family to learn age-appropriate skills to manage his or her behavior, and regain or retain self-control.

When an individual is referred to the program, individual family members may also receive services if treatment intervention is indicated.

The program goal is to enhance the family's ability to support the child in making behavioral changes, which will in turn promote an improved mental health.

What types of services are provided?
BHIS for children are skill-building interventions. These services are not the same as therapy services. Areas addressed may include:

  • Social;

  • Executive; 

  • Emotional regulation;

  • Interpersonal relationships;

  • Communication; and 

  • Problem-solving.

How do I make a referral for BHIS?
Referrals can be made by a counselor, school, physician, a hospital, or by a parent who is concerned about his/her child's mental health and well-being. To make a referral, call Bethany and request BHIS.

What are the ages served?
Children ages 3 to 20 years. 

Who is eligible?

There is no cost for Title XIX / Medicaid members.  Bethany accepts Amerigroup, Iowa Medicaid Enterprise, and Iowa Total Care.

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