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Bethany for Children & Families is a licensed adoption agency in Iowa and Illinois. Bethany provides domestic, international, and special needs adoption services (recruitment, screening, licensing, placement, and case management) to people within the agency's service area who choose to adopt an infant. The agency also provides counseling and support to birth mothers and fathers who choose to place a child for adoption. Post-adoptive services are available for adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents.

For those considering adoption

The decision to adopt a child is truly life-altering and

requires a lifetime commitment. It must be made with

careful thought and thorough explorations of the

adoption process. There are many reasons for wanting

to adopt: some persons cannot have his/her own

biological children, while others may want to add

more children to their family. Each individual or

couple who expresses a desire to adopt undergoes a

thorough process including:

  • A criminal background check and review of the child abuse registry;

  • A home study;

  • Numerous visits by a trained, professional, adoption worker;

  • A review of the family's financial stability;

  • Letters of reference; and

  • Attendance at several preparation classes.

People who can adopt include:​

  • Single, couples (married or not) who are in a stable relationship which has existed for at least two years, or a divorced persons;

  • Persons with or without children;

  • Persons who desires to adopt one child or several children;

  • Homeowners or renters as long as there is sufficient room for another child; and 

  • Persons with a stable income. 

Bethany provides domestic, international, and special needs adoption services.

Fees for adoption

The cost of adoption varies and payment of fees does not ensure adoption approval. 

  • Domestic Infant Adoption (Iowa and Illinois) has a placement fee of $14,000. A home study is $2,000. Post-placement services are $650. Home study updates, if needed, are $500. Additionally, each family is responsible for legal fees that may be incurred in the adoption process, including criminal background check costs. 

  • Special Needs Adoption (Illinois only) covers children with brothers and sisters who need to stay together; children who have been abused or neglected; children with physical or emotional disabilities; or children with special behavior issues.

  • In Iowa, an International Adoption home study is $2,000. Other available services include post-placement services at a minimum of $650; and additional fees may be incurred depending upon the country of origin. 

Additional fee will apply for background checks.

Fees are non-refundable and do not guarantee placement of a child.

Types of adoption options

  • Closed adoption is when the birth parent chooses not to receive any information regarding the placement of a child. 

  • Semi-open adoption is when the birth parent and adoptive parents exchange pictures and letters with non-identifying information through the agency until the child is 18 years of age. 

  • Open adoption is when the birth parent and adoptive parents know each other and may have contact with each other throughout the years. 

Bethany provides domestic, international, and special needs adoption services.

for those considering placing their child for adoption

There are many issues to think about when placing a 

child for adoption. Bethany provides free counseling to 

explore all of the options available to individuals or 

couples who are experiencing an unplanned or unexpected

pregnancy. Bethany can make arrangements for the baby's

hospital expenses.

Sometimes a birth parent(s) may choose the adoptive parents for their child; the individual can review pictures and letters from prospective adoptive parents. The birth parent may also have the opportunity to meet the adoptive family prior to the birth of their baby. Birth parents' records are kept confidential and any release of information, other than non-identifying medical information, requires their permission or court of law. 

Search & Reunion Services

Bethany for Children & Families offers services to birth parents who placed a child for adoption and adoptees who are seeking medical or non-identifying social history information or desire a reunion with their birth family.

Fees for Search & Reunion Services

Filing Affidavit: $10

Medical Information: $50

Non-Identifying Social History Report: $125

File Search: $25

Search/Reunion Services: $250

Adoption Downloads


Illinois License #310510 Illinois Department of Children & Family Services

Adoption Information Hotline and Complaint Registry: (800) 572-2390

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