Bethany for Children & Families is a licensed adoption agency in Iowa and Illinois. Bethany provides domestic, international, and special needs adoption services (recruitment, screening, licensing, placement, and case management) to people within the agency's service area who choose to adopt an infant. The agency also provides counseling and support to birth mothers and fathers who choose to place a child for adoption. Post-adoptive services are available for adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents.

Domestic Infant Adoption

Services include assessment of the prospective adoptive family (home study), placement services, case management, and post-placement support. Prospective adoptive parents who reside in Illinois must be at least 25 years of age and be an Illinois resident for at least six continuous months immediately preceding the commencement of the adoption. The agency requires applicants to be at least 21 years of age (unless applicants reside in Illinois, which requires a 25-years-of-age minimum). If applicants are married, it is preferred that the union occurred at least two years prior to applying for adoption. All applicants must demonstrate sufficient housing, financial stability, and be able to clear a background check and assessment process completed by the agency.

Bethany provides domestic, international, and special needs adoption services.

Fees for Domestic Infant Adoption

Home Study Assessment: $2,000

Home Study Update: $500

Placement Fee: $14,000

     If Twins: +$8,000

Post-Placement Fee: $650 for up to three visits, $125 per additional visit

Additional fee will apply for background checks.

Fees are non-refundable and do not guarantee placement of a child.

Birth Parent Services

Counseling services are offered at no cost to persons experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating adoption for their child. Bethany for Children & Families provides parenting support services for those individuals who decide to parent their child. Birth parents who choose adoption for their child may choose the adoptive family and select the type of adoption with which they are most comfortable: open, closed, or semi-open adoption. Counseling is offered to the birth parents following the adoption of their child. There is no cost to the birth parent for these services.

Bethany provides domestic, international, and special needs adoption services.

Special Needs Adoption

This refers primarily to children adopted through the Illinois foster care systems. These are typically older children, sibling groups, and/or children with special behavioral or medical needs.

Search & Reunion Services

Bethany for Children & Families offers services to birth parents who placed a child for adoption and adoptees who are seeking medical or non-identifying social history information or desire a reunion with their birth family.

Fees for Search & Reunion Services

Filing Affidavit: $10

Medical Information: $50

Non-Identifying Social History Report: $125

File Search: $25

Search/Reunion Services: $250

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Illinois License #310510 Illinois Department of Children & Family Services

Adoption Information Hotline and Complaint Registry: (800) 572-2390