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May is National Foster Care Month!

Foster care is temporary care. The goal is to reunite the child with his or her birth parents or relatives whenever possible. Matching the needs of each child to the special strengths of each foster family is another major consideration. When locating a foster care placement, the child's home community is first considered so the child may attend the same school.

Permanency is achieved through Return Home, Adoption, Guardianship, or Independence. The length of time a child will be placed in a foster home will vary for each situation, but the goal is for a child to be in foster care as short a time as possible.

The Foster Care program at Bethany for Children & Families serves Rock Island, Henry, and Mercer counties. Foster Care services are supported 24 hours a day by experienced case managers and master's-level supervisors. Bethany has an on-call system to take cases, make placements, and respond to family needs and emergencies.

There is a continual need for foster parents. Being a foster parent requires a lot of patience and understanding. All children need the love and support of a family so they can grow into healthy productive members of the community! Each person has many strengths and skills and can make a unique contribution to a child’s life. If you are interested in learning about being a foster parent, please contact Lynn Lohman-Anderson at (309) 797-7700.


The Foster Care Alliance is an initiative focused on promoting cooperation among foster care agencies in the Quad Cities. The goal is to recruit, recognize, and support foster families and to nurture and protect children in the child welfare system. Together, the Foster Care Alliance works to help the children in our community who need it the most.

Bethany for Children & Families

(309) 797-7700

Center for Youth & Family Solutions

(309) 786-0770

Illinois Department of Children & Families Services

(309) 794-3500 | (815) 625-7594

Four Oaks Family Connections

(844) 380-2533

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

(309) 786-6400



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