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Maggie's fund

Maggie, daughter of Bill Steinhauser, President/CEO of Bethany for Children & Families, and Laurie Boyce-Steinhauser, died suddenly on Thursday, February 17, 2005. To honor Maggie, the Board of Directors established Maggie's Fund. It was fitting since Maggie, with her parents and brothers, fostered infants until they were released for adoption. 

Upon her death, Maggie's family agreed to the creation of a fund that would honor her and help the vulnerable children and families of our community. This fund provides emergency assistance to children and families referred from the agency. It is utilized when all of the other resources of the community-wide social services safety nets cannot provide assistance.

Maggie's Fund provides vital resources to the agency's children and their families who need clothing, food, housing, beds, used furniture, and appliances. The fund puts groceries on the table and gas in the car. It helps single parents meet the monthly rent when too many bills outpace income. It keeps the utilities on during an overly long, snowy winter, and it pays the co-pay for needed medicine. 

Maggie's Fund complements the years of service Bethany has provided to families on both sides of the Mississippi River. Whatever basic needs a family has, Maggie's Fund is there to help.

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