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Know What to Say

Is it time to have "the talk"? Has your child started to ask you questions about sex that you are not ready to answer or are unsure on how to answer? Does the topic embarrass you, or do you think that your child is "too young" to know about these things?

Help is on its way! This site will provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to begin an ongoing conversation with your child and make this a learning experience for both of you. Take advantage of the resources provided, and get answers that will help you in your journey ...

Use this time to impart family values, while listening to what your child is saying. Be the helper that he/she needs in order to learn about his/her body, safely navigating technology, and developing healthy dating habits and relationships. In a society that is constantly changing, be an advocate to keep your child informed and safe!



Ask your child about surfing the web and how much information they share with others.



Each month, a new topic will be presented here, providing you with five questions that you can use as conversation starters to help you provide valuable information to your child. Frequently, your child has information, but it is usually inaccurate, since he/she learned it from friends.



This month’s topic is Teen Sexuality and Technology.

  • What do you think about social media?

  • What sites do you visit?

  • What topics are okay to share with friends and family on social media?

  • Do you know who to go to when a text seems questionable?

  • If you chose to send a video, text, or picture that is personal, would you ask someone else if it was appropriate?


Good luck and look for a new topic at the beginning of each month!


Program educator leads a group activity.
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About Know What to Say

For the past 12 years, Know What To Say has been offered to parents, school personnel, faith-based organizations, and social service agencies located in Scott County, Iowa. The program, offered by Bethany for Children & Families, has utilized a two-pronged approach to educate adults on how to communicate with adolescents about sex. Delivery of workshop throughout the community, as well as this web page, are designed to provide information for adults to share with teens, in an effort to postpone early sexual activity that can result in pregnancy and or sexually transmitted diseases.

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Funding for Know What to Say

Funding for Know What to Say is provided the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative offered by the Iowa Department of Human Services.

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