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Crying. Yelling. Hitting. Biting. Running out of the classroom.

Typical for preschoolers? Not usually, but it can be. Some kids have a difficult time making friends and controlling their emotions. When help is needed, Bethany’s Behavioral Health Interventionists teach kids how to express their feelings and solve problems appropriately.


One parent believes that the behavioral program in the East Moline School District sets her four-year-old son up for success. “He can now say, ‘I feel sad because you did this’ and express how he’s feeling.” Her son is one of 170 students learning these techniques. “Going into kindergarten next year, he’ll have a longer day with more challenges and transitions. It will be good for him to have these skills in his back pocket,” the parent added.

Early intervention is of utmost importance, since 20% of youth have a mental health problem, and 60% don’t receive treatment. Of those who do, nearly two-thirds get care at school, making this work essential. It’s proven that early intervention can prevent skipping school, failing grades, substance abuse, and even criminal behavior later in life.


You can support local children and families and the life-changing work done by Bethany’s staff by donating through Birdies for Charity. Participation is easy! There are two ways to donate:

· Online at

· Or mail the completed pledge form to Birdies for Charity, 15623 Coaltown Road, East Moline, IL 61244.  Checks should be made payable to: Quad Cities Golf Classic Charitable Foundation/Birdies for Charity.  Don’t forget to add Bethany’s Birdies number: 178.


The bonus: your donation will be multiplied by 5-10%! Final pledges are due by July 1st.


If you’d like to guess the number of Birdies that will be made by the PGA Tour players during the John Deere Classic, you could win a two-year lease on a 2022 Lexus RX350! Contest entries are due June 10th!

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