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Talking with Teens & Tweens about Puberty & Sex

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How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex

     Help Your Children Develop a Positive,

     Healthy Attitude Toward Sex and Relationships

by Dr. John Chirban © 2012

It's So Amazing

by Robie H. Harris & Michael Emberley © 2014

Talking Sex with Your Kids

     Keeping Them Safe and You Sane

by Amber Madison © 2010

Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know

About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask)
     The Secrets to Surviving Your Child's Sexual Development

     from Birth to the Teens

by Dr. Justin Richardson & Dr. Mark Schuster © 2004

The Real Truth About Teens & Sex

     What Teens Are Thinking, Doing, and Talking About

by Sabrina Weill ©2006




Remind them they should expect respect.



Advocates for Youth

Respect, Rights, Responsibility Regarding Youth for Teens, Parents, and Educators

Answer Sex Ed Honestly

Research Site from Rutgers University for Professionals, Parents, and Teens

Marsh Media

Downloadable Booklet on Human Sexuality for Students with Special Needs

Power to Decide

Informative Site about Teen Pregnancy, including Fact Sheets and Statistics

Sex, Etc.

Online Newsletter about Sexuality by and for Teenagers